Surprisingly Simple DIY Gifts They’ll be Thrilled to Receive

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Handmade gifts are often the most meaningful. Someone took the time to get each and every piece and part together and create something just for you. Oftentimes we might not, for whatever reason, be able to put in as much blood, sweat, and tears as we may like or were able to in the past. But we still want to make you something special! And make you something special we shall!


Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrubs are easy to put together and take very little time. Easy to customize and make in big or small batches. A nice glass jar really pulls this gift together.

SugarScrubsVanilla Brown Sugar  | Lemon & Raspberry Lemon  | Lavender  | Chocolate Peppermint



While extremely easy to put together, homemade extracts do take a bit of time. They need set for a few weeks before they’re ready to be gifted. So plan ahead!

SugarScrubs (1)Kirbie Craving | Akshayapaatram | Just Putzing Around the Kitchen


Beard Care

For the beardier among our gift recipients. Balms do take a little more work than the oils, requiring some melting.

SugarScrubs (2).png

Fireflies and Mud Pies | Parsnips and Pastries | The Rising Spoon | Heartful Habits | The Crunchy Chronicles


What are some of your favorite gifts to give for any occasion?

If you’re look for glass containers, Dollar Tree has some that might fit your needs. Online orders usually require a minimum of 12 or 24, but if you’ll be making a lot of something, this could be an option. Or you can always visit your local store. Craft stores also have smaller glass containers and metal tins that are great for these projects!

   If you try any of these, remember to share the results to our Pinterest Board!

Surprisingly Simple DIY Gifts They'll be Thrilled to Receive


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